Vital features that ESPs must have

Vital features that ESPs must have

ESPs are very important to have in the email marketing busines. From the first email system that was developed in 1971, emails have evolved and changed and have also gained popularity among masses. Today, 269 billion emails are sent daily, as per the 2017-2021 Radicati email statistical report. More so, by the end of 2021; worldwide email users is estimated to be over 4.1 billion – and that’s a huge market. Changes in terms of the UI, additional features or even simplification of existing features are an indication that ESPs are drastically changing to accommodate this massive email shift. In our coding journey we Monks come across many different ESPs and are on a lookout for some features that all ESPs should have.

Social sharing

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are some of the few social platforms that have gained popularity over the years. These platforms are great to connect with prospective clients. However, some emails lack social sharing tabs that can otherwise help boost popularity and connections along with increasing open and click rates. It offers an option to add a social sharing feature within your email template, it limits you from creating custom social sharing tabs. You have to make do with the one provided by the ESP and unfortunately, other major ESPs do not have any provision for social sharing. This option is majorly used for the articles or newsletter emails that are worth sharing on social platforms. However, as this is not a feature included by any ESP, it is unfortunately not possible for all email marketers to have them in their Email Template.

Add event to calendar

Time management is a great yet rare skill. As humans, with so much to do and such little time in hand, it is natural to miss out on certain important dates and occasions. This will not only keep your life on track but will also help marketers increase conversion rates. Again, it is not available in all ESPs. But with one-off emails that are time bound and invitation based, it’s mandatory to send ICS or calendar invite helping them save the date.

Forward To Friend

Forwarding an email to your friend is something every email marketing manager will either love or hate the most. Hate because the rendering goes haywire if HTML email is forwarded from Outlook or Thunderbird. Love because this is a great way to allow subscribers to forward your email campaigns to their friends and get more opens and clicks. Doing this without the entire layout being ruined is a challenge if forward is done using email client. But including a Forward to a Friend link of ESP within all your email campaigns can help increase and boost open and click-through rates. A forward to a friend form must have certain required details such as your friend’s name, their email id, your name and email id and a message optional. This process creates a list and then forwards the exact email to your friend.

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